Hiccups from having Oral Surgery & Wisdom Teeth Removed

Posted By: Paul on May 05, 2011 in Causes

If you have read my previous posts you know that I suffered from an extended case of persistent hiccups as a result of having my Wisdom Teeth removed. The ironic thing is that during my whole ordeal both my fiancée and I contacted the Oral Surgeon a total of four times to let them know …

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Intractable Hiccup Therapy Discovered by LSUHSC Neurosurgical Team

Posted By: Paul on Sep 22, 2010 in Treatment

This is an interesting article which outlines the findings of a LSUHSC neurosurgical team lead by Dr. Bryan R. Payne, and Dr. Robert Tiel. The team was working on a therapy for a patient who was suffering from a case of intractable hiccups. The patient, Shane Shafer, was an older man who was suffering from …

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The Science of Hiccups

Posted By: Paul on Sep 22, 2010 in Causes

I read another interesting article today that I wanted to share with people called “The Science of Hiccups”. While very similar to many of the articles I read about Hiccups Causes and Cures, this piece took a more scientific stand point on the details surrounding “Singultus”. The thing I found most interesting was the preface …

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iPhone App for Curing Hiccups

Posted By: Paul on Sep 22, 2010 in Hiccup Cures

I read an article today that pointed me towards a great iPhone App I wanted to share on the site called “For Sure Hiccup Cure” by SRM Medical, LLC. The app is $0.99 and offers a good collection of hiccup cures and remedies in case you are on the road or can’t get online. Many …

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What Are the Causes of Hiccups?

Posted By: Paul on Sep 21, 2010 in Causes

I ran across another interesting article today on Asianet where an author outlined common causes of hiccups. Being that hiccups are not widely studied by doctors because they usually go away after only a few minutes there is not a lot of concrete information on why people get the hiccups. With that in mind, I …

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Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Hiccups

Posted By: Paul on Sep 21, 2010 in Hiccup Cures

I came across an interesting article today on Natural-HomeRemedies for Natural Cures on how to cure the hiccups. The author outlines several of the more common ways people relieve their hiccups and since I seen from the comments on the site that different things seem to work better for some people I wanted to mention …

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Cure Hiccups using the Flight Attendant Method

Posted By: Paul on May 19, 2009 in Hiccup Cures

The Airline Steward Method of Curing the Hiccups Today we are going to discuss another breathing method that is used to cure the hiccups. This method is a little more unique than some of the other methods I have discussed so far because it was originally used by Airline Stewards to help cure hiccups while …

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Stimulate Your Diaphragm to Cure the Hiccups

Posted By: Paul on May 18, 2009 in Hiccup Cures

Diaphragm Stimulation Exercise for Curing Hiccups Let’s take a look at another good breathing exercise to help you cure the hiccups. This exercise uses a combination of controlled breathing and visualization to stimulate the diaphragm and cure your hiccups. This is another good breathing exercise to practice as it promotes good mental health, stress relief …

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